My name is Cormac O’Connell, I am a writer and video artist based in London. patrish.co.uk is my space online, and here are some of the various things I have done elsewhere:

‘Overthinking Lyrics: “What does ‘good’ mean anyway?’ is the third video essay I have written, edit and produced for my YouTube channel.

It examines the effect that lyrics have on people’s perception of an musician, and it issues that concept creates.

‘The Air Was Smokey And The Sky Was Yellow’ is a sonic art project exploring the effect of the Windrush generation on British music, I help research and produce it in collaboration with BUGS.

Some animation I made for a music video by BUGS called “Nick Gowland”.

EP: Nuha Ruby Ra’s debut “How to Move” is as distressing as it is beautiful

Here’s some footage of the visuals I designed for BUGS at the Pure Gold Festival 2019.
Here’s a concept music video I edited for a Don Caballero song I like.
A short promo video I edited out of old vhs footage for a streetwear brand.