Exhaustion and Eavesdropping: I’m so bored of my phone spying on me.

It was a quaint idea once, maybe more of a conspiracy theory. Everyone would suggest it, but no one could be certain. I remember this video surfacing in those halcyon days of naivete, and the reaction was of overwhelming shock and awe. The comments all echoed the phrase, that eventually developed into a state ofContinue reading “Exhaustion and Eavesdropping: I’m so bored of my phone spying on me.”

“A place to share the pain” Online communities in the time of COVID.

A friend of mine, Tom, has a huge taste for the kitsch side of middle England. He loves basically anything that features a regional accent complaining about a benign aspect of society, praising something wholly inconsequential or reminiscing about “bygone days”. For reference, these are the kinds of videos Tom sends me: Of course, theseContinue reading ““A place to share the pain” Online communities in the time of COVID.”

An example of a no-budget music video: Nick Gowland by BUGS

I just wanted to take an opportunity to show off this really cool video that friend and collaborator, Alice Western directed for her band: BUGS (and their debut single Nick Gowland). It cost a grand total of fuck all to make, and it doesn’t show at all. I was lucky to be part of theContinue reading “An example of a no-budget music video: Nick Gowland by BUGS”

The peak of online gentrification entertainment.

I know the title makes this article sound sarky from the get-go, but I am being entirely earnest when I talk about this YouTube channel I’ve been rinsing recently. The channel’s called “My Analog Journal” which sounds like a VICE confessional from a 80’s dating-tape sex addict. The premise has probably been done before, withContinue reading “The peak of online gentrification entertainment.”

Reverse Racism Fantasy: The absurd non-genre that won’t die.

If you are currently blissfully unaware of what I’m about to discuss, then I want to apologise in advance for exposing you to the migraine inducing world of what I’m calling “Reverse Racism Fantasy”. If you are aware of this multimedia insult disguised a collection of themes and narratives, then I hope you don’t mindContinue reading “Reverse Racism Fantasy: The absurd non-genre that won’t die.”

The continued horror of the Long Furby.

A few years ago, VICE wrote about the genesis of an unnerving presence on the internet. In this article, they spoke at length about then 23-year-old photographer who had created a long furby using felt and pillow-stuffing; thus birthing a new archetype for sin. I think this is one of the few 100% original ideasContinue reading “The continued horror of the Long Furby.”

Ranking bands with word “Dad” in the name for Father’s Day.

First of all, today is Juneteenth. So if you’re looking for some more relevant and enlightening journalism, I recommend watching this video by Vox. In the meantime, I’m going to discuss an event I have slightly more experience with. Not because I am one, but more because I have a father, whomst I love veryContinue reading “Ranking bands with word “Dad” in the name for Father’s Day.”

Who is the Zoomer Bob Dylan?

Has the world finally surpassed a need for Bob Dylan? Did the world ever really need him in first place? I think this is the subject for a much more interesting article, that will not be discussed at length currently. However, with the release of his newest album following an absence of almost 12 years,Continue reading “Who is the Zoomer Bob Dylan?”

The Black Midi Variety Hour and the lesser tapped potential of Radio.

I’m going to have it as a guess that you weren’t tuned into NTS Radio at 6pm yesterday. If you had been, then this article is pretty useless to you, because I’m not if I’m going to able to explain anything about what happened with any sort of clarity. For those who weren’t listening, thenContinue reading “The Black Midi Variety Hour and the lesser tapped potential of Radio.”

BEN DROWNED: Ten Years of Internet Ghost Stories.

This September marks the Tenth anniversary of the original post to 4chan’s /x/ board that formed the basis for the Legend of Zelda Creepypasta known as Ben Drowned. I will venture to say that Ben Drowned isn’t my favourite work of this genre, but I find it surprising to think about how much folkloric impactContinue reading “BEN DROWNED: Ten Years of Internet Ghost Stories.”