“Your Attitude Sucks” – The Truth about Becoming Famous (Video)

The original title included the words “… by changing nothing and everything at the same time” but that wouldn’t fit. This took a lot of Gaga interview watching, reading old BBC press releases and general research about creative burnout; so I’m glad it’s out to the world now. I consider this my best video yet,Continue reading ““Your Attitude Sucks” – The Truth about Becoming Famous (Video)”

Content over Quality: What do B-Listers and Burnt Cheese have in Common?

This is not a rant. I want to preface that before I continue with this article, since after all I am a huge fan of completely inconsequential TV. I am an avid consumer of Come Dine With Me, and a recent disciple of the Escape to The Chateux Strawbridge family stan-club. But while flicking throughContinue reading “Content over Quality: What do B-Listers and Burnt Cheese have in Common?”

A Zoom Funeral

I have recently been mourning an elderly neighbour who passed away. I knew them briefly and they were sincerely part of the scenery on the street I live, so I was sad to see them go. I was invited to their funeral through a laminated sheet of paper slipped through my letterbox, which included aContinue reading “A Zoom Funeral”


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