Lou Smith and capturing what would otherwise be lost

“Venues such as the Windmill in Brixton and The Five Bells in New Cross are the crucibles where the alchemy of live music played in intimate surroundings happens.“ When you think about it, everything gets filmed but nothing gets saved. Thousand and thousands of sets are recorded in one of two ways: either from theContinue reading “Lou Smith and capturing what would otherwise be lost”

The Dawn of the Planet of the livestream gig

The observation that the world is fucked and terrifying isn’t a particularly new one, but it’s a viewpoint that has become more unbearably intense recently. But among the horror and despair of tory austerity politics as a means to combat a generation defining pandemic, one movement has developed arms and legs, and is walking theContinue reading “The Dawn of the Planet of the livestream gig”

Why do people take photos with graves?

Recently, it was the forty-year anniversary of Ian Curtis’ tragic and early death. This to me, was the third day the music died in the twentieth century (maybe fourth if I listen to the boomers who count the beatles breaking up as one), and is a desperately sad bookmark in the growth of modern BritishContinue reading “Why do people take photos with graves?”

Crack Cloud & post-punk strangeness

There exists an idea of what denotes a “good” cover, that is basically of list of things like: know your audience, make the name of the band clear, give it “Lust” factor (a term ripped straight out of 90s male-corporate jargon) etc. These rules have persisted throughout the history of recorded music and have changedContinue reading “Crack Cloud & post-punk strangeness”

Welcome – to a gallery of one

I think that it’s fair to say this is an undertaking worth pursuing for the sake of perpetuity. The idea/mandate/purpose behind the page that you are reading now is the online equivalent of the picture posted above. That is to say that I will make it my business to post whatever I deem necessary, concerningContinue reading “Welcome – to a gallery of one”