An Album for the FUTURE YEAR 2021… a retrospective

Ya-di-ya-da what a year etc etc etc. I feel like what has become a unwanted commodity are yearly summary pieces that start with the exact same preface. Most of them lament some lacking aspect of the past year, or praise some good-ground trodden by their own journalists. It’s basically the same paragraph every time, soContinue reading “An Album for the FUTURE YEAR 2021… a retrospective”

Algorithm Cinema – “The Wet House” (2000)

This is a series of articles I have written regarding the many bizarre, often intriguing, full length films the YouTube algorithm recommends to me. These films are interesting in that they are often overlooked even outside of the YouTube space, and experience a kind of rebirth on the platform. As more people are more likelyContinue reading “Algorithm Cinema – “The Wet House” (2000)”

“Your Attitude Sucks” – The Truth about Becoming Famous (Video)

The original title included the words “… by changing nothing and everything at the same time” but that wouldn’t fit. This took a lot of Gaga interview watching, reading old BBC press releases and general research about creative burnout; so I’m glad it’s out to the world now. I consider this my best video yet,Continue reading ““Your Attitude Sucks” – The Truth about Becoming Famous (Video)”

The Story behind Twitter’s most impenetrable sentence

“cinnamon toast shrimp guy turned out to be a milkshake duck just like bean dad” When I saw the above tweet I understood about a fifth of it, taking the “cinnamon toast shrimp guy” to be a reference to a recent drama unfolding on the website these last few days. The said “cinnamon toast shrimpContinue reading “The Story behind Twitter’s most impenetrable sentence”

The Sinful Act of Naming a Band (VIDEO)

A few months ago, I posted this moderately long treatise on how to name a band. Think of it as an instructional video, with some minor detours discussing why naming matters and how I feel about band names in general. This is part of great shift of effort on my behalf to more video basedContinue reading “The Sinful Act of Naming a Band (VIDEO)”

My Philosophy for Giving up Things and Starting Them Again

A popular reddit neckbeard mantra is “being bad at something is the first step towards being kinda good at something”. This quote is from a children’s television show, and I think it has laid the basis for how I work the way I do. Another quote that has helped me build on that philosophy isContinue reading “My Philosophy for Giving up Things and Starting Them Again”

Content over Quality: What do B-Listers and Burnt Cheese have in Common?

This is not a rant. I want to preface that before I continue with this article, since after all I am a huge fan of completely inconsequential TV. I am an avid consumer of Come Dine With Me, and a recent disciple of the Escape to The Chateux Strawbridge family stan-club. But while flicking throughContinue reading “Content over Quality: What do B-Listers and Burnt Cheese have in Common?”

Circles of Hell in Waning Lockdown Britain.

1st – LIMBO the masks are around our chins. the buttons are pressed with sleeves. we leave the house to work but not to meet with nan. 2nd – LUST “IS IT TOO EARLY TO MEET IN PERSON?” “well my flatmate got tested and he defo doesnt have plus i have no symptoms so shouldContinue reading “Circles of Hell in Waning Lockdown Britain.”