An example of a no-budget music video: Nick Gowland by BUGS

I just wanted to take an opportunity to show off this really cool video that friend and collaborator, Alice Western directed for her band: BUGS (and their debut single Nick Gowland).

It cost a grand total of fuck all to make, and it doesn’t show at all.

I was lucky to be part of the big team of collaborators that took part in this gigantic undertaking.

What’s amazing to me is that Alice allegedly edited this all in iMovie, making it the most impressive thing to come out of the program ever.

It was makeshift and low tech, with just an email calling for anyone to contribute whatever they could to help make the video a reality.

This group provided footage, graphics, animation, drawings and paintings all for free, to help flesh out the lyrical content of the song.

This was my contribution, which is very cleverly chroma-keyed in at various points:

Took the exact amount of time that an Adobe Animate trial allows, to animate this.

To go from a single email with a long list of people attached, to this is an excellent payoff.

This is true DIY, and stuff like this should have a lot more attention, especially when you consider the single was also recorded for free; paid for by the sweat and effort of the band and engineers.

I’ll also include a playlist of cheaply made and really cool videos, to perhaps inspire you to create something cheap and excellent!

Check it out!!

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