Ranking bands with word “Dad” in the name for Father’s Day.

First of all, today is Juneteenth. So if you’re looking for some more relevant and enlightening journalism, I recommend watching this video by Vox.

In the meantime, I’m going to discuss an event I have slightly more experience with. Not because I am one, but more because I have a father, whomst I love very much.

Father’s day is pretty standard fare, so here’s some bands with Dad-related terminology in the name that own dad will probably never listen to.


Ranking pretty damn high on the list for being the most out-there of all the Dad related named bands, Young Fathers are a group that bring some really ethereal vocal elements to a drone-heavy industrial sound.

I want to say some of it reminds me of Perfume Genius, in the “high concept synth ballad” sense, while other tracks have textures and production that’s like Bauhaus meets Yves Tumor.


The most middle of the road indie rock I’ve heard in a while, somehow also manages to be the most Australian thing I’ve seen since The Chats. Honestly not super offense, just kind of bland and uninteresting to me.


Janky, a-rhythmic but still somewhat compelling, Great Dad is by all accounts; a great project. I’ve actually rarely heard anyone say anything bad about them, but it is a real love-or-hate it sound in my opinion.

My own Dad personally hates anything that is more strange than early Talking Heads, so I probably will not be recommending this to him. But I still can’t help but find the tracks endearing and heartfelt in their own weirdo way.


FUCKING FINALLY, SOME REAL DAD ROCK. It is amazing to think at one point, a band called D.A.D (Disneyland After Dark) was considered by a record label a possibly lucrative venture.

It’s bands like this that did not survive the grunge-era wave of loudness, and it is hilarious to see how badly aged a lot of this music is. Unfortunately for the Danish late-hair metal project D.A.D, this isn’t a great shame.


Also hard to believe, is the fact that this band was actually somewhat successful in trying to revive swing big-band via ska punk in the late 90s. “Zoot Suit Riot” (a song referring to a series of racially motivated attacks on Mexican-Americans, performed by an all white band) peaked at #15 in the Rock Charts by some absolute miracle.

It is the hammiest thing I’ve ever seen, and not even in an ironic fun sort of way. I refuse to encourage anyone to try and make swing music cool again, so I will leave my comments at this: stop embarrassing yourselves.

Happy Daddy dad, tell your daddy you love them!

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