Why do people take photos with graves?

Recently, it was the forty-year anniversary of Ian Curtis’ tragic and early death. This to me, was the third day the music died in the twentieth century (maybe fourth if I listen to the boomers who count the beatles breaking up as one), and is a desperately sad bookmark in the growth of modern British music in general.

And upon revisiting testimonials and a series of rediscovered pictures of Joy Division’s first gig at the hope and anchor in Islington, I discovered a really weird trend.

Essentially it’s goths posing with Ian Curtis’ grave:

fabrizio federico, filmmaker, movies, ian curtis grave, director ...
Javi @ Ian Curtis grave | Caroline Fisher | Flickr
Javi @ Ian Curtis grave | Caroline Fisher | Flickr
Me at Ian Curtis's grave in May 2010 (With images) | Joy division ...

It’s equally hilarious, just for the fits as well as the complete naivete of taking pictures with a dead person’s grave.

I think that’s the craziest thing about it, the fact that they are posing with the grave, and almost by accident creating some of the most greebo images ever seen by human beings.

What Does Ian Curtis Mean To You? | NME
A photo from an NME blog on the topic of Curtis’ memorial, in 2010.

Through these images, I found this pretty pretentious article from the NME blog about the anniversary of Curtis’ death, and low and behold… A picture of two people posing with the grave.

In all honesty, I have no idea who these two are meant to be. According to the article, these people may either be the “two Italian goths” the writer refers to, or just some other unidentified relevant people to the deceased.

Either way it got me into a kick of finding the most embarrassing photos of someone with a famous grave.

Here’s a montage:

Visited him today and also went by RIVA to the spot. So crazy and ...
Anne Frank tomb Bergen-Belsen - Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen, Celle ...
Image may contain: 2 people

Again, weird practice but I’ll leave you to answer the question based on what you’ve seen here.

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