Welcome – to a gallery of one

the wall of indie softboi printed pieces of paper, wherein lies the symbolic focus of this website

I think that it’s fair to say this is an undertaking worth pursuing for the sake of perpetuity.

The idea/mandate/purpose behind the page that you are reading now is the online equivalent of the picture posted above. That is to say that I will make it my business to post whatever I deem necessary, concerning the kind of things you see on the wall there.

Who I am is probably not a secret to most people reading this, but still I’ve chosen a name that abbreviates the concept that is appearing more and more on the internet these days; the idea of patrician taste. I chose this name before seeing that there was already a website called patrish.com, which seems to belong to woman named Patrisha (spelt that way for some reason) who sells computer parts online.

To say you have a patrician taste is an utterly ridiculous concept, since everything seems to be entirely patrician and plebeian at the same time. Plus, there’s an elitist tone to the idea of being Patrician, which gives the impression that you are better than everyone else. So to prove that I’m not entirely up my own arse, here’s a video of David Bowie:

So maybe that’s more the point of this website? Since by association to an idea of “correct” or “good” taste, I’m already alienating myself from reality… So I might as well continue. After all, in a world where anyone can write anything about whatever they want, the first obstacle you have to surmount is the fact that no one will read or care what you put.

So in that spirit, welcome to the opposite of playing to a gallery for a monetary gain, which is writing at a financial loss to a gallery of one.

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